Completed projects

Madurai Anaiyur

    • Property Located at Rajalakshmi landmark, officers Town, Anaiyur. This is fast growing area for housing plots
    • Proximity to basic facilities like easy access to departmental stores, school, hospital and many educational institutions
    • Individual house with 3 or 2 bedrooms, living room - hall, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities
    • Building plan is approved by Municipality
    • Vasthu compliant architecture
  • Basement
    • Constructed with quality R.C.C beams and pillars
    • Walls build with R.C.C beams with bricks
    • Joint-free tiles with marble flooring
    Wooden Works
    • Main Door - Teak wood, Other Doors - Kongu wood, Windows - Kongu wood with MS Grill
    • Granite kitchen platformwith Stainless steel sink and 2 ft.tiles on the Kitchen platform
    • Tiles for floor and 7 ft.highon walls
    Loft & Cupboard
    • Fixed in each bedroom & kitchen
    • Double coated enamel painting with patty-proof for walls;doors, windows, grill and main door are painted with single coat enamel paint on the primer
    Pipes & Environment
    • P.V.C pipes and specially designed environment
    Electricity Facilities
    • Modern switches are fixed and all wiring is done with ISO Quality copper wires. fans, lights and slots to easily mount A/C
    • Telephone line connectivity in both bedroom and hall
    EB Connection
    • Single or Three phase connection
    • Facility to fix easy
    Other Facilities
    • Water tank, septic tank, compound wall and many more

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